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About Us

After talking to hundreds of people of all types & ages, we discovered most people have the same issues:


1. too many contacts in their phone, many of whom they don't remember or are outdated

2. too many business cards from people they don't remember

3. lists of LinkedIn contacts they don't remember

4. when searching on LinkedIn for someone they met, many have forgotten the name or spelling, or aren't sure which profile is theirs

5. they connected with someone on LinkedIn who forgot to accept the connection, so they can't followup with a message

6. too many steps to create & invite to events

7. no quick, easy way to text invite to events and tap or click straight to all the event info.

7. no quick, easy way to connect, exchange info and remember who you met at an event.

Enter  We are committed to solving these problems for you, to make inviting, accepting, finding, meeting, and contextualizing your contacts quicker, easier and more fun.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity!   Send us suggestions or feedback at any time here! 



3233 W. Dallas St,
Suite 1107
Houston, TX  77019


Tel: 832-622-5979


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